22 Before 22

It's official. I've reached my 21st birthday (as of Wednesday 4th October). I've arrived at that stage in my life where I am formally addressed as an "adult", whatever that means. Although Pop Tarts and Unicorn Fruit Loops are my favoured snacks at the mo (because apparently I'm accommodating quite the unicorn collection). Should I be concerned that I've reached this stage at the unripe age of 21? I sure as hell hope not. To be honest, I'm more worried about my age-old rose gold addiction continuously having an impact on my life choices - copper toilet holder anyone? 

I don't know whether it's my growing obsession with unicorns, hitting that all important 21 milestone, finally realising I am on the perfect path (I hope) - or a mix of all three of the above, but I am super eager to jump head first into the only 21st year I will ever have. My new-found age spurred me to write a blog post - 22 things to do before I turn 22 (and you can personally tell me off if I do not stick to my word). I won't bore you with 22 explanations - just 22 goals. 

1. Earn a first in university.

2. Learn how to drive.

3. Finally go to a music festival.

4. Continuously improve my blog (and actually blog).

5. Read more books.

6. Learn how to ski/Go skiing.

7. Conquer one of my biggest fears - swimming in the sea.

8. Get back to a regular fitness routine/running. 

9. Volunteer with Women's Aid.

10. Learn how to make cocktails properly aka stop pouring the whole bottle in.

11. Intern with BBC/Channel 4 etc. in summer.

12. Learn how to waterfall braid my hair.

13. Take more photos.

14. Learn how to play cards.

15. Explore the Isle Of Sky in Scotland.

16. Up my baking game. 

17. Introduce my boyfriend (Benny) to the happiest place on earth; Disneyland Paris.

18. Finally write down all my travel aspirations. 

19. Go on more double-dates.

20. Learn how to make pancakes.

21. Go to a Speakeasy so I can finally hush about my 1920s obsession. 

22. Visit Dublin (uh hello, £15 return flights). 

Lemme know your thoughts on my goals and If you have created a similar list. Speak soon lovelies x



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