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At the beginning of a brand new academic year, I feel the urge to get a little bit more organised. I get a sudden desire to splurge on pretty notebooks, pastel pens and endless sticky notes that sit delightfully on my desk. My fondness for all things stationary stems from an earlier time and has forever ingrained my workspace - and bank account. Although rose-gold and copper everything may not instill a new found intellectual head space, they create harmonisation in my surroundings which is essential for my happiness. I blame my mum for my desire to decorate although I'm not sure that is such a negative thing. I absolutely adore selecting colours and seeking out themes, there is something so satisfying about having a new stack of perfectly coordinated stationary. As I've grown older my love has expanded and I have found new ways of using stationary in my (young) adult life, In particular, university. Nothing brightens up a textbook like puppy page markers!

My little splurge at Kikki.K spurred me to share my findings with you, by chance that you're beginning a new academic year or if you're just as obsessed as I am with stationary.

Kikki.K Love Life Wall Calendar

Kikki. K Monthly Planner

Kikki. K Life's Little Stickers

Kikki. K Personal Monogrammed Planner Medium

Anthropologie Modern 2018 Planner

WHSmith Puppy Page Markers (Out Of Stock Similar Here)

Busy B Page Markers

Wilkinsons Strawberry Sticky Notes

Stabilo Pastel Highlighters



  1. Love everything!! have to say though those pastel highlighters have got me!!! <3
    Chlo xx

  2. They are all gorgeous! I think i need to buy some new bits so I start being more organised haha!
    Nicole Nicoleannx x


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