The Concept of Bigotry

As a young girl I was surrounded by comments that could only be assumed as a 'matter of opinion', 'You would look prettier with make-up' 'Aren't you lonely without a boyfriend?' 'I don't think you should wear that'. Growing up I accepted the negligence and it damaged my character until I reached an age where I began to speculate those who targeted me. However, many did not accept or fully understand my opinion and trying to change trained thoughts proved difficult. So, I read books, watched You Tube videos and I even based my AS English Language coursework on the effects of sexism which naturally, required a great deal of research and interviews.

As time passed my previous undeveloped attitude developed into well-informed and researched opinions, because of this more people listened and I was not afraid to call myself a feminist, after all it is a belief in equality and why should we be ashamed of gender coordination. Yet in a modern civilisation where a pay gap exists and women are taught how not to get raped, people feel the need to say 'i'm not a feminist' so they don't have society's connotations of a 'man hater' attached to them, despite what they really think. How misconstructed is our society when females have to justify themselves to be understood.
This angered me and I wondered, how many girls experience acts of sexism everyday but are alien to the concept of bigotry, how many people are afraid to call themselves feminists and how many have no clue what acts of sexism entail or what feminism is. With all of those questions, personal thoughts and experiences I have decided to write my own column, expressing all of the above in more detail. I'm aiming for a little acknowledgment and to empower young girls.
If you have any experiences or thoughts please comment below, I am eager to here what you have to say! Or if you would like me to include anything in my blog post, please email me. My first piece will be up soon.
I hope you enjoyed reading my little rant and will join me on Sunday for my first mini column.
Love, Laura x


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  1. This is so good! A lot of young girls are not empowered from a young age as we're taught to be polite, apologetic, superficial but as you get older you learn about the importance of feminism and equality :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x


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