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At the beginning of a brand new academic year, I feel the urge to get a little bit more organised. I get a sudden desire to splurge on pretty notebooks, pastel pens and endless sticky notes that sit delightfully on my desk. My fondness for all things stationary stems from an earlier time and has forever ingrained my workspace - and bank account. Although rose-gold and copper everything may not instill a new found intellectual head space, they create harmonisation in my surroundings which is essential for my happiness. I blame my mum for my desire to decorate although I'm not sure that is such a negative thing. I absolutely adore selecting colours and seeking out themes, there is something so satisfying about having a new stack of perfectly coordinated stationary. As I've grown older my love has expanded and I have found new ways of using stationary in my (young) adult life, In particular, university. Nothing brightens up a textbook like puppy page markers!

My little splurge at Kikki.K spurred me to share my findings with you, by chance that you're beginning a new academic year or if you're just as obsessed as I am with stationary.

Kikki.K Love Life Wall Calendar

Kikki. K Monthly Planner

Kikki. K Life's Little Stickers

Kikki. K Personal Monogrammed Planner Medium

Anthropologie Modern 2018 Planner

WHSmith Puppy Page Markers (Out Of Stock Similar Here)

Busy B Page Markers

Wilkinsons Strawberry Sticky Notes

Stabilo Pastel Highlighters


July | Monthly Round Up

Oh, hello there! Today I thought I'd chit chat about the glorious month of July, I feel like I've neglected my blog lately but fear not, I have rounded up my favourite bits to share with you. Perhaps you can blame Love Island for the overdue monthly chatter. 
Travel: Although I happily moved back home a little while ago - Newcastle is simply not London. It is directly absent of the hustle and bustle, but being the escapist I am, I thought it was totally appropriate to hop on the train and stop off at my favourite metropolitan city. So much so, I dropped by twice! A little bit of retail therapy in Oxford Street, indulging on pizza and spending hours wandering was just what I needed. After calling in central London, myself and Benny were away for the weekend in Windsor, my afflicted body thought to generously award a fourteen day long migraine. Talk about timing! Although initially I was worried I'd end up being in total agony, getting a bit of rest in the countryside was just what the doctor ordered! There's something I love about fleeting to the countryside. The long, scenic roads, Inn's that feel like home and peace and quiet. That and the six hour driving block of empty time to chit chat, giggle and simply enjoy each others company. We filled ours with donuts and babbling utter nonsense (the good kind)! On a side note - ahem, prepare for lovey-doveyness. Being someone who is wanting to please people I stumble upon past moments and the devastating emotions I encountered when taken advantage of, the confusion of unreciprocated behaviour and fear of friendship as a result of unwarranted bitching. Having had lots of thoughts recently about friendship - It definitely made me realise I'm actually pretty lucky to have a boyfriend in which I feel none of the above. Although we bicker almost, pretty much everyday I sincerely think celebrating love is one of the loveliest things! 
Food: Although In my previous Monthly Round Up I acknowledged the lack of sugar consumption - July was the total opposite. Tying in a little to the previous post, Ice cream continued to fill a sugary sweet hole and is almost always at the top of my to-do list. I filled a lot of my month tucking into pizza, with The Herb Garden sitting pretty (literally) at the top - most definitely one of my favourite go-to's in Newcastle. I also visited Coppa Club at Tower Bridge, had an amazingly lovely romantic meal in Windsor, sipped on strawberry lemonade, and indulged on my mum's yummy raspberry ripple birthday cake!
People: Sometimes It's surprising how life's timings work out. In the midst of turmoil - a university offer rolled around. I was soon propelling ahead to perhaps, what might be the most exciting time. Not only that, but having already conflicted feelings in regard to friendships, I was (am) ridiculously excited and sense I am finally on the right path. I suppose what I am trying to say is people move on, friendships move on and I wish happiness to all those in my life but perhaps I've learnt who to keep close.
Yes - that is August in a tightly knit package! Naturally, I'm a little bit nervous about posting this, I don't think I have chatted about feelings and emotions regarding friendships before. Pop a comment if you would maybe like a longer, more specific post on that topic. Anyway, I wish for happiness and plenty of yummy sugary sweet ice cream treats in August! Maybe a little bit of interior shopping too for my move to Aberdeen.

Summer Hol Edit

Summer Holiday Edit #1

From Left to Right: Printed Jumpsuit | Floppy Hat | Cold-Shoulder Midi Dress | Beach Playsuit | Tie Leg Sandals | Mesh Midi Dress | Odelle Dress | Smock Top

As much as I love my home here in the north, the constant dim cloudy weather can become a smidge annoying (although, winter is my favourite season). As soon as Spring shows up I'm planning getaways to tropical, sunshiny countries. The moment I've booked my temporary escape is the moment I feel so much more energised and motivated. One of my favourite things to around this time is to explore every holiday edit I can find and fill any gaps with new season pieces. For this blog post I thought I'd share with you some of the new summer items that have made their way into my wish-list.

Summer Holiday Edit #2
From Left to Right: Gingham Top | Mini Dress | Lemon Print Bikini | Crochet Bralet | Swing Top | Inflatable Rose Gold Flamingo | Unicorn Inflatable | Grey Cat Eye Sunglasses | Pink Metallic Sunglasses | Crochet Top

From February to May I feel so uninspired to shop due to the fact the weather is way to unpredictable to wear a snug jumper or cute dress. As soon as the sun pops his hat on I can't wait to see what goodies have hit the racks in my favourite store. One of my favourite things about shopping for new pieces to add to my wardrobe is that the coming season forever caters towards my floral needs and the Fashion Union printed floral jumpsuit on ASOS is the perfect example of this. As soon as I saw it I fell in love! What I love about this jumpsuit is how it can transform from a day to a night outfit easily, I am honestly praying ASOS re-stock my size super soon so I can nab it for my escape to Greece. ASOS if your reading, do a girl favour.

Summer Holiday Edit #3
From Left to Right: Tea Dress | Mini Dress | Strap Back Mini Dress | Tie Leg Sandals | Tunic Dress | Floral Dress | Gingham Shorts | India Pyjamas

Miss Selfridge is without a doubt one of my favourite high-street stores right now. I'm a total Zara freak, but lately Miss Selfridge has been making me weak at the knees every time I creep on their website. Whilst stalking the Miss Selfridge site I spotted this beautiful floral dress  and I just adore it! I'm such a dress girl and this beaut definitely got my attention. I can't wait to style this dress with this floppy hat and cute pair of sandals. As well as swooning over Miss Selfridge and ASOS, I also fell for these Boux Avenue pyjamas. I think I might have rekindled my love for Boux Avenue.

The pieces that I have mentioned in this blog post are most definitely on my 'To-Buy' list! Let me know if you enjoyed reading this post in the comments down below and I hope you all have an amazing fun-filled time summer shopping.

April | Monthly Round Up

I wanted to post a little one of these after realising I hadn't and I love looking back on them, I love the idea of looking back on some of my favourite moments of the month and remembering how much fun I had; what I did, who I met, what I ate. I absolutely adore reading these kind of posts and I'm not sure anyone will bother to read this post on a Sunday morning - but at least I can look back!

Travel: When I moved to London, the thought of perhaps moving out of London had never occurred to me, and until last month I had never considered transferring university, so getting the chance to explore a new city was a total treat - and makes me super excited for the future. From a trip to Thorpe Park at the beginning of the month, to exploring the 'Silver City' with my boyfriend - getting to spend some solid time with my favourite has definitely been fun. We recently made a naughty holiday purchase to Greece in June, oops (but 100% worth it). I also paid a romantic visit to Hilton Newcastle back home with my boyfriend. The month rounded off with a mini-break in Aberdeen - which couldn't have been more relaxing. Here's to a special trip in Kavos in June and maybe another stay-cation too!

Food: Although I certainly consumed less sugar than last month; Ice cream certainly filled a gap in my diet and I'm now officially excited for sunshiny weather. I filled a lot of my month tucking into yummy breakfasts', with The Book Club at the very top - most definitely one of my go-to's for brekkie in London. I also visited Rye and Soda in Aberdeen, had an incredibly lovely afternoon tea at The Great British Cupcakery in Newcastle, sampled cocktails from The Alchemist (totally worth the hype), ate delicious ice cream by the sea and sipped on cocktails at The Botanist back home. I'm vowing that next month will include more ice cream and plenty of martinis (one of which I can definitely guarantee).

People: This month I have realised more than ever how lucky I am to have such a lovely group of friends around me. I'm definitely at an age where we're all moving on but being able to maintain such a special group of friends, family and boyfriend makes me feel super lucky! This month I was able to spend more time with my best friends, catch up with family and watch my sisters fiancé run the London marathon. I've only picked out snaps from Instagram which doesn't include snaps with my incredible people - which I vow to change next month.

Fashion: April was the month of awkward fashion. I mean, the weather is so unpredictable - but things are slightly heating up I suppose! My wardrobe had a pop of colour, my legs were treated to blue jeans and I'm getting there with heels. I've got a post coming up soon on a few of my favourite items - but basically I've been lacking in the fashion game this month. I can't wait for the next few months and all the new sunshiny-ness to perk up my wardrobe.

So yes - that is April in a nutshell! Naturally some things have been skimmed over a bit or not mentioned at all but some things aren't always made for talking about online. I feel so lucky to have special people around me. Anyway, here's to happy, healthy May (with lots of exams and saving up for Greece)!

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